Wedding cake tips

So the wedding planning has arrived at the all important cake. Where do you start? and, what happens to the cake after? Here are a few little hints, tips and ideas for your cake.

Small wedding, impressive cake
Having a small wedding but still want that impressive 3 or 4 tiered wedding cake? There are a couple of options…
1. Go with tradition and save the top tier for your first childs christening (or your first anniversary party – disucss this with your cake creator though, as not all cakes are freezable)
2. Get a couple of dummy’s – use dummy tiers to allow you to have that sky scrapping impressive cake without the wastage, and reduce the cost

Do yourself a favour…
I have been to plenty of weddings where the cake is served as dessert, in the evening or boxed up as favours for the guests – all excellent money saving ideas. You already have the cake, you should let them eat it! I fully intend to cut the bad boy up on the day and serve it to the guests, everyone loves a midnight snack and you cant go wrong with cake!

Can’t decide on a flavour?
The groom wants carrot, you want chocolate?! Easy solution, talk to your cake creator and incorporate both flavours into your cake design. Each tier can easily be a different flavour. My personal favorite flavour is chocolate cake with a cookies and cream filling!

Photos are always going to be your ever lasting keepsake of your special day, but how else can you remember those special moments? If stored carefully handmade sugar flowers can last for years.

I have also seen, through the power of pinterest, there are companys (American I think) where if you send images of your wedding cake they will make a miniture replica that fits in the palm of your hand. How cute!


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