Month: March 2014

Friday Fun….. to pick you up on a Monday!

So for some reason, my friday fun blog post didn’t work on friday…..I blame the thought of the clocks going forward and losing an hours sleep!

So what happened at The Cake Case HQ last week?

We have an order for a lovely luau girl to go on a birthday cake, really looking forward to doing some modelling to finish off someone elses cake, it’s nice to be able to help add those all important finishing touches.

The website is stil being updated – expect to see our logo and wedding cake photos being added this week!  So excited to finally get the websit finished off!

I spend the weekend with friends and family, Saturday was wedding dress shopping, it was great to spend the day with my sister, mum and friend/bridemaid Lucie. Some of the dresses were stunning, some hilarious and others just did not suit me! All in all an awesome day out though, and my 11 week old nephew was fantastic through the whole ordeal.

Sunday kicked off with trialling home made marshmallow recipes, testing for our baked treats counters for weddings (coming soon!) followed by a few family visits to drop off cards then ice hockey with the Nottingham Vipers. A 3-3 draw against Kingston was a decent result, but a win would of been better.

In store this week, is a 6″ surprise birthday cake and cake topper modelling as well as wedding cake designing and baked treats recipe research…..I love it when research is edible!


National Happiness Week

Apparently this week is National Happiness Week

And what better way to spread the happiness than with cake?!?

 JH web agency in Nottingham did just that this week. To celebrate their Magento Dev Plus certificated development team, Jamie from JH commissioned The Cake Case to make a JH and Magento inspired cake.

So where do you start with a cake like that?

Well from a design point of view it is important to work with the client and develop a cake design that best reflects them. In this case we centred on the signature JH and Magento colours (Red and Orange) and worked from there incorporating the JH and Magento logos around the cake.

And of course with the lads that work on the dev team, and the rest of the JH team in the office, we just knew it had to be a chocolate cake! Know your staff!

Needless to say the cake didn’t last long when Jamie unveiled it to the team on Monday lunchtime, and we have heard nothing but good things from the team since.


More pictures should be uploaded onto our web page this week, so if you are looking for a corporate themed cake, why not get in touch with The Cake Case….

Friday Fun

Well it’s been a hectic week here at Cake Case HQ. 1 wedding cake decorated, 2 blog posts written and some fun new blog themed series decided upon.

The first of which starts today, My “Friday Fun” where I sum up our week and what’s to come over this weekend and things I have seen and learnt this week. Think of it as a getting to know the Cake Case a little better. I think it is really important to know who you are buying from, especially when you are working with someone to create something unique and personal to you.

This week my wedding cake project has been this simple yet effective white and purple 4 tiered cake, with as many roses as I could fit on it. Tiers 1 and 3 are wrapped in crisp white sugar paste to add a soft flowing affect.


On top of my new brain wave and decorating a pretty purple rose wedding cake, I seem to have spent an in ordinate amount of time at the dentists again this week, don’t worry, it isn’t because I’ve eaten too many cakes! I’ve finally had teeth removed so I can have the back sections of my brace fitted, bring on a sparkling smile in 12-18 months time! Hopefully just in time for our wedding.

So, as you can imagine I am “pinning” all things wedding, and the things I am loving this week include:

Bell jars for centre pieces – whether it is filled with flowers, objects or table numbers, they are a simple and effective way to have table centres without them taking over the table.

This image was found via inked weddings

Wooden “guestbooks” – I love the idea of a cut through of a tree truck or a large wooden letter signed by all your guests as a memento of the day.

this image was found via google.

Colour coded sweet tables – Forget favours, which let’s face it, generally get forgotten, have a sweetie table instead…. who could resist it!? Any why not colour code it to your theme as well. (where better excuse to scour sweet shops and of course test the sweets in advance).

Helpful suppliers – I have loved the helpful suppliers I have encountered so far, not pushy (I HATE pushy) but just genuinely helpful and love their craft/believe in the product they are selling.

So what is to come this week?

The start of my celebration cake blog series highlighting different cake ideas for birthday and celebratin cakes.

I have a couple of celebration cakes to make this week, 1 being made as a surprise (more details next week) and 1 arsenal themed birthday cake to make. Can’t wait to work with these clients!

Also remember we will have wedding cake consultation appointments available and some wedding cake slots for this summer, why not get in contact with the Cake Case to get a quick quote?!


Love them or hate them…

I have toyed with posting this blog for a little while now, but here goes nothing…

Cupcakes . Duff Goldman hates them, but is the cupcake trend here to stay?

Sometimes I just can’t make up my mind about cupcakes. On one hand I love them, they are bite sized, fun to make and decorate, you can produce a range of designs all in one go (my favourite is still my pac man cupcakes I produced a couple of years ago) and have as few or many as you like. And to be honest delivering a box of bright and colourful cupcakes just puts a smile on my face.

pac man cupcakes

A few years ago they were hailed as cheaper alternative to a large celebration or wedding cake and the trend really took hold, but now I see many people moving back towards single or multi tiered cakes instead.


But why?

When you see cupcake stands popping up all over the place I actually think it isn’t too hard to figure out.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean every cake shop selling cupcakes! Some are beautifully done cupcakes, you know the ones, sold in a stunning little shop around the corner from you or down one of the back streets in your local town centre. These are the shops that love baking and love producing good quality cakes and cupcakes that warrant the price they charge, the time, the precision, the art….

But more and more often I see companies jumping on the cupcake band wagon to make a quick profit, mass produced cupcakes sold in shopping centres at what I would consider bespoke cupcake prices, and quite frankly they are not the same quality I would be happy producing, with some at £3.50 a cake, are they really cheaper?

When you think the average 8” cake costs approx £50, which works out at about £2 a portion, there really isn’t that much difference between the two (I mean if you are going for good quality cakes).

And that’s the key word here, quality. Like anything, you need to make sure you are getting what you pay for.

caupcakes 2

If you want cupcakes for your wedding or celebration, then go for it, they are a fun way to present your cake. But support your local cake shop, the one that you walk past every day, the one where you stare at the array of colours in wonder before licking your lips and carrying on to work, talk to the cake designer and make sure you get what you want.

I think the cupcake bubble will burst…or at least deflate a bit and the large mass producing cupcakes stands will start to disappear, but that beautiful little cake shop will still be there, doing what they do best, creating you any kind of cake you like!

(All cupcakes shown in this post are by The Cake Cake, photography by John Knowles)

On Display

The ways of displaying your wedding cake are getting just as creative as the cakes themselves. Brides all over the country and adapting there cake display as much as they are their table centres. I think the traditional wedding “rules” are really being broken….

Here is a run down of some of the ways I think are going to continue to develop throughout 2014. Let’s start with my personal favourite:

Over a barrel
I love the rustic style of having the wedding cake displayed on barrels. It’s cute and simple yet lets the cake take centre stage whilst keeping in with that farmhouse style wedding that is becoming increasingly popular this season. Take a look at this example I found on through pinterest.
Also a bit of burlap never hurt anyone….

On a tree stump
Keeping with the rustic theme….
Another simple yet effective presentation technique proving really popular at the moment is the wedding cake presented on a tree stump or “slice” of tree. Think summer, marquee, bunting…..what could go wrong?!

Flower power
OK so having your wedding cake surrounded by flowers isn’t anything new, but there are so many ways to go about it. your can wrap the base in straw and bright flowers, go for a beautiful light ring of baby’s breath or make a real statement way flower swags around the top of the cake table.
palm house wedding cake

pandora's cake  (for those of you who share the same guilty pleasure of Real Housewives…. This was pandoras cake!)

On the box
Having the cake displayed on a box leaves so much interpretation and imagination, from wooden boxes, wrapped, colour coordinated or covered in lace, you can really make your mark. Here is a stunning colour coordinated example… (and let’s face it, a few stops and stripes always make for a simple yet effective cake design)

Silver service 
If you are into a bit of old school glamour, nothing can beat a traditional silver cake stand. Best suited to regal venues, think champagne, chandeliers and white roses!
Akil Bennett | Houston Wedding & Portrait Photographer

Have a table full
Of cake that is, or display your cake as part of your sweetie table. I love the idea of a colour theme sweetie table with the cake pride of place in the centre, just look at this example by sugar ruffles. I am so excited about doing a couple of cakes with sweet tables like this during this summer!
coral dessert table

Remember if you want a wedding or celebration cake quote from The Cake Case get in contact via the website/email, we still have some slots available for this summer!