National Happiness Week

Apparently this week is National Happiness Week

And what better way to spread the happiness than with cake?!?

 JH web agency in Nottingham did just that this week. To celebrate their Magento Dev Plus certificated development team, Jamie from JH commissioned The Cake Case to make a JH and Magento inspired cake.

So where do you start with a cake like that?

Well from a design point of view it is important to work with the client and develop a cake design that best reflects them. In this case we centred on the signature JH and Magento colours (Red and Orange) and worked from there incorporating the JH and Magento logos around the cake.

And of course with the lads that work on the dev team, and the rest of the JH team in the office, we just knew it had to be a chocolate cake! Know your staff!

Needless to say the cake didn’t last long when Jamie unveiled it to the team on Monday lunchtime, and we have heard nothing but good things from the team since.


More pictures should be uploaded onto our web page this week, so if you are looking for a corporate themed cake, why not get in touch with The Cake Case….


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