Friday Fun….. to pick you up on a Monday!

So for some reason, my friday fun blog post didn’t work on friday…..I blame the thought of the clocks going forward and losing an hours sleep!

So what happened at The Cake Case HQ last week?

We have an order for a lovely luau girl to go on a birthday cake, really looking forward to doing some modelling to finish off someone elses cake, it’s nice to be able to help add those all important finishing touches.

The website is stil being updated – expect to see our logo and wedding cake photos being added this week!  So excited to finally get the websit finished off!

I spend the weekend with friends and family, Saturday was wedding dress shopping, it was great to spend the day with my sister, mum and friend/bridemaid Lucie. Some of the dresses were stunning, some hilarious and others just did not suit me! All in all an awesome day out though, and my 11 week old nephew was fantastic through the whole ordeal.

Sunday kicked off with trialling home made marshmallow recipes, testing for our baked treats counters for weddings (coming soon!) followed by a few family visits to drop off cards then ice hockey with the Nottingham Vipers. A 3-3 draw against Kingston was a decent result, but a win would of been better.

In store this week, is a 6″ surprise birthday cake and cake topper modelling as well as wedding cake designing and baked treats recipe research…..I love it when research is edible!


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