Month: April 2014

Friday Fun

Another week has gone and Friday is here! So what’s been happening in the cake case kitchen this week?

Well on Monday we sent out little luau girl cake topper out into the world, much to the joy of its 7 year old birthday girl recipient!

We have also been experimenting with hot cross buns this week, nothing like a chocolate orange twist on a traditional recipe. So the kitchen snack tin is rathe full at the moment of millionaires shortbread and chocolate hot cross buns.

Personally, I am on the count down to my 30th birthday! Eeeeek! Only 18 days left to go. Not totally sure I am looking forward to it in all honesty, but need to make the most of the next couple of weeks.

On the wedding front, I have been collecting large old style jam jars ready for all sorts of baking creativity. As well as looking forward to visiting the pop up wedding village next month at calke abbey – not exhibiting, but visiting as a bride. (That still sounds weird to me, my hair dresser referred to me as a bride the other day and I was like oooh yeah I am!).

So what’s in store for the coming week? Individual Easter cakes for starters and a wedding cake!