The Cake Case
Bespoke wedding and celebration cakes
Based in Radcliffe on Trent, Nottingham

The Cake Case is a small independently owned and run wedding and celebration cake business run by Debi Gibson. After years of making a large number of cakes for friends and family, from birthday to baby shower cakes, Debi decided it was time to start a business.

So in 2012 Debi started to develop ideas and techniques, and test them out on friends, family and anyone else who happened to say they liked cake. Thanks to this willing band of tasters and testers over the past 2 years, Debi has developed her own style of cake decorating and as of 2014 officially started The Cake Case as a registered business.

Debi makes large tiered cakes through to celebration cakes and cupcakes, each with it’s own distinctive style and special attention to detail.

Debi loves getting her inspiration for cakes from all kinds of sources, from books and pinterest (everyone loves pinterest!) to her favorite wedding blog, rock and roll bride, and is always looking at ways to experiment and create a new eye catching design.

Cakes should be as individual as you are!

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