a bit of a rant

Love them or hate them…

I have toyed with posting this blog for a little while now, but here goes nothing…

Cupcakes . Duff Goldman hates them, but is the cupcake trend here to stay?

Sometimes I just can’t make up my mind about cupcakes. On one hand I love them, they are bite sized, fun to make and decorate, you can produce a range of designs all in one go (my favourite is still my pac man cupcakes I produced a couple of years ago) and have as few or many as you like. And to be honest delivering a box of bright and colourful cupcakes just puts a smile on my face.

pac man cupcakes

A few years ago they were hailed as cheaper alternative to a large celebration or wedding cake and the trend really took hold, but now I see many people moving back towards single or multi tiered cakes instead.


But why?

When you see cupcake stands popping up all over the place I actually think it isn’t too hard to figure out.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean every cake shop selling cupcakes! Some are beautifully done cupcakes, you know the ones, sold in a stunning little shop around the corner from you or down one of the back streets in your local town centre. These are the shops that love baking and love producing good quality cakes and cupcakes that warrant the price they charge, the time, the precision, the art….

But more and more often I see companies jumping on the cupcake band wagon to make a quick profit, mass produced cupcakes sold in shopping centres at what I would consider bespoke cupcake prices, and quite frankly they are not the same quality I would be happy producing, with some at £3.50 a cake, are they really cheaper?

When you think the average 8” cake costs approx £50, which works out at about £2 a portion, there really isn’t that much difference between the two (I mean if you are going for good quality cakes).

And that’s the key word here, quality. Like anything, you need to make sure you are getting what you pay for.

caupcakes 2

If you want cupcakes for your wedding or celebration, then go for it, they are a fun way to present your cake. But support your local cake shop, the one that you walk past every day, the one where you stare at the array of colours in wonder before licking your lips and carrying on to work, talk to the cake designer and make sure you get what you want.

I think the cupcake bubble will burst…or at least deflate a bit and the large mass producing cupcakes stands will start to disappear, but that beautiful little cake shop will still be there, doing what they do best, creating you any kind of cake you like!

(All cupcakes shown in this post are by The Cake Cake, photography by John Knowles)