On Display

The ways of displaying your wedding cake are getting just as creative as the cakes themselves. Brides all over the country and adapting there cake display as much as they are their table centres. I think the traditional wedding “rules” are really being broken….

Here is a run down of some of the ways I think are going to continue to develop throughout 2014. Let’s start with my personal favourite:

Over a barrel
I love the rustic style of having the wedding cake displayed on barrels. It’s cute and simple yet lets the cake take centre stage whilst keeping in with that farmhouse style wedding that is becoming increasingly popular this season. Take a look at this example I found on through pinterest.
Also a bit of burlap never hurt anyone….

On a tree stump
Keeping with the rustic theme….
Another simple yet effective presentation technique proving really popular at the moment is the wedding cake presented on a tree stump or “slice” of tree. Think summer, marquee, bunting…..what could go wrong?!

Flower power
OK so having your wedding cake surrounded by flowers isn’t anything new, but there are so many ways to go about it. your can wrap the base in straw and bright flowers, go for a beautiful light ring of baby’s breath or make a real statement way flower swags around the top of the cake table.
palm house wedding cake

pandora's cake  (for those of you who share the same guilty pleasure of Real Housewives…. This was pandoras cake!)

On the box
Having the cake displayed on a box leaves so much interpretation and imagination, from wooden boxes, wrapped, colour coordinated or covered in lace, you can really make your mark. Here is a stunning colour coordinated example… (and let’s face it, a few stops and stripes always make for a simple yet effective cake design)

Silver service 
If you are into a bit of old school glamour, nothing can beat a traditional silver cake stand. Best suited to regal venues, think champagne, chandeliers and white roses!
Akil Bennett | Houston Wedding & Portrait Photographer

Have a table full
Of cake that is, or display your cake as part of your sweetie table. I love the idea of a colour theme sweetie table with the cake pride of place in the centre, just look at this example by sugar ruffles. I am so excited about doing a couple of cakes with sweet tables like this during this summer!
coral dessert table

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There are many ways to find inspiration for cakes, whether baking yourself or looking for that perfect design to get made.

It can be an old photo, a TV programme (My guilty pleasure has to be Ace of Cakes and Cake Boss – but sometimes just watching them can make you go “oooooooh thats a good idea for doing that”) magazines, the internet or just good old fashioned talking to people.


There are many publications around today, and most of them available in your local super market, but my favourite is Squires Kitchen Wedding Cakes – a design source. It has loads of ideas and some little tutorials for the statement cakes in that issue. Sometimes its nice to know how other people are producing the same thing as you but in a different way.


Most magazines are around £4.99, which I think is a little expensive when you can get access to an infinite number of images on the internet. Which leads me to my favourite place of cake inspiration…. You guessed it, Pinterest!

I find the range of ideas and tutorials around on the internet so useful, sometimes just watching a youtube video or finding an interesting image on pinterest or google can give you a new idea for a cake or a different technique to try. I love to experiment and develop the techniques I can do on cakes.
I have a dedicated “cakes” board on pinterest, that I think has over 400 cake images and ideas on, feel free to have a look through and follow, I am always adding more to it.

(All images using in this blog post are not my own and have been found via google images, for illustrative purposes only)