There are many ways to find inspiration for cakes, whether baking yourself or looking for that perfect design to get made.

It can be an old photo, a TV programme (My guilty pleasure has to be Ace of Cakes and Cake Boss – but sometimes just watching them can make you go “oooooooh thats a good idea for doing that”) magazines, the internet or just good old fashioned talking to people.


There are many publications around today, and most of them available in your local super market, but my favourite is Squires Kitchen Wedding Cakes – a design source. It has loads of ideas and some little tutorials for the statement cakes in that issue. Sometimes its nice to know how other people are producing the same thing as you but in a different way.


Most magazines are around £4.99, which I think is a little expensive when you can get access to an infinite number of images on the internet. Which leads me to my favourite place of cake inspiration…. You guessed it, Pinterest!

I find the range of ideas and tutorials around on the internet so useful, sometimes just watching a youtube video or finding an interesting image on pinterest or google can give you a new idea for a cake or a different technique to try. I love to experiment and develop the techniques I can do on cakes.
I have a dedicated “cakes” board on pinterest, that I think has over 400 cake images and ideas on, feel free to have a look through and follow, I am always adding more to it.

(All images using in this blog post are not my own and have been found via google images, for illustrative purposes only)

Proposals Ahoy!

It’s Valentine ’s Day, which can only mean one thing…..proposals ahoy!

Which means it MUST be the beginning of wedding season, so let’s take a quick look at some of the big trends for wedding cakes this year…Hold on to your seats!

Firstly, still remaining a firm favourite with brides is the vintage theme; icing lace has really changed the face of vintage style cakes over the last couple of years. Team that with some traditional style piped royal icing, cameos or bird cage styled cakes and you are onto a winner.

Why not take at look at this link to wedding and wedding flowers vintage cake look book page, all the vintage cake ideas you would ever wish for!

But what else will we be expecting to see this season?

Get Naked….
As we get more and more conscious about the foods we are eating there has been a definite rise in the number of egg free, gluten free, organic cakes available on the market, and there is one wedding cake variation has been booming thanks to our food conscious friends, the “Naked Cake”.

Because you cannot get fondant icing to meet the organic/vegan demands, the “Naked Cake” has become a stunning way to have your cake, and eat it too!

“Naked Cakes” can come in a range of shapes, sizes and styles, usually a traditional style Victoria sandwich, though I have seen some amazing lemon drizzle versions around! But think good old cake, fruit and cream, dusted with icing sugar and decorated with theme matching flowers. To be honest it also makes for a brilliant budget cake too!

Check out and just search “naked cake” for a stunning array of cakes and ideas! I’ve spotted purple, cinnamon and pear, ombre pinks and of course chocolate.

Bold and brassy
Other themes taking hold this season include bold colours, geometric patterns and metallic cakes.

All of these styles of cake can be paired with a number of different themes, metallic teamed with vintage to add some subtle gold touches can be the real icing on the cake (sorry had to get that in somewhere!)

To be honest these styles really lend themselves to the bride and groom having some fun with their cake design and creating something really unique to them.

White out…
Another contemporary way to make a real statement with your wedding cake is to go all white, no matter how much detail or what the theme, I have seen some beautiful wedding cakes that are completely white on white.

This article is from back in September 2013, but the gallery has some lovely examples of completely white (or ivory) cakes, which if you are struggling on cake colour choices could be just the answer to your woes.


How wedding cakes are being displayed is evolving too, from on barrels, to sweet and dessert tables or individual cakes for each table….but that is a whole different blog post!

I think no matter what theme of your wedding is or the number of guests, your cake is something to have fun with and really make your own. Think of it as your own personal piece of art work….and you get to eat it after too!

Nottingham Vipers

So this Sunday just gone, the lovely Nottingham Vipers Ice Hockey team hosted Coventry Pheonix in a top of the table clash! The fight for second place and a chance at the end of season playoffs is whats up for grabs for the 2 teams, so a little incentive for the Vipers was required, obviously in the form of chocolate cake (post game of course)

Unfortunately the Vipers lost 2-5 on this occasion, but there is still the away leg, and I think the chocolate cake helped a little after….

Here are the lovely Nottingham Vipers, and their very chocolatey snake cake

Image        Image



“Over The Hill” Birthday Cake How To….

This is a short tutorial/how to on the “Over the Hill” Birthday Cake.
This was one of the first “large” cakes I made, and looking back it is still one of my favourite cakes. Here is how I did it….


So, birthday cakes usually take on a theme; the garden, favourite film, hobby etc, its great to create a cake that really reflects the person the cake is for. I personally makes a cake feel really special! In this case the cake was created for a dry stone waller so naturally there was only one option for this cake….

I started with a basic chocolate sponge cake. The cake was made in a 8 inch round tin. Once cooked is was left to cool in the tin before wrapping it up and leaving it in an air tight container over night. This let the cake settle and stay moist before cutting and decorating.

When covering large areas with fondant icing, or you want a really bright/solid colour, I like to use the ready made coloured icing. I find this most useful for red, black and green, as depending on the colourings you have you can end up with pink, grey and a plae green. For this a wanted to create a proper grassy green. Once the board was covered with icing I wrapped it with cling film, to stop it going hard, until it was needed. Always store it in a cool place and keep it covered, you dont want bits of fluff etc sticking to your base!


The first thing I did with the cake was cut it in half and fill the middle with chocolate buttercream icing, I then shaped the cake into a basic “hill” and coated it in chocolate buttercream icing using a palette knife. This is an easy shape to create!


As you can see in the picture, it is starting to look a little more like a hill….So the next step is to add the “grass”. For the grass I made vanilla buttercream icing and coloured it using the extra green colouring (again to make a proper grass green rather than the minty green so many people end up with when making green buttercream). I piped the icing on using a grass/fur nozzle to create a nice grassy texture.

A turn table is one of the most useful pieces of equipment you can have when decorating a cake, BUT don’t feel you have to run out and buy a turn table right at this moment: When I first started making cakes I made my own turntable by turning a gelato bowl upside down and putting a large-ish plate on top, this allowed me to turn the cake round. I reckon most people will have items in their kitchen cupboard that you could use to similar effect (or ask for a turn table for your next valentines/birthday/christmas present).


So now that we have a nice grassy hill it’s time to get that cake board out. The best way to make sure your cake sticks properly is to cut out a circle or similar shape using a cutter, where you want to put your cake. This can then be filled with royal icing to hold the cake in position. See image below…


Once you have filled the gap with royal icing you can put the cake on to. When the cake was in place I extended the grass round the bottom and out to the sides.

This is where you can start to let you imagination run wild. I think it took me a few hours to build the stone wall. To do this I made blocks from sugar paste, for the colour I added black, brown and beige so they look like rocks. Obviously at this point you can add any decoration of your own, you could turn this little hill into a fairy garden, an animal paradise or add a tractor and some fencing for a lovely farm scene.


I also added small flowers in yellow and pink, dotted around to add a bit of colour and nature to the cake. I used edible glue to stick the flowers in place and to stick the wall together. I used a paint brush to add the glue, but you can use the tip of your finger as well.

Once I had built the main wall, I added mushrooms, small piles of walling stone and even made a lovely little sheep to add to the scene. The last thing I added was the Matlock sign, which I made using a cake pop stick and sugar paste icing with an edible pen, alternatively you could paint the sign.

This lovely little sheep was really simple to make. A rectangle of white sugar paste icing, with lots of little balls of white sugar paste glued to it and a grey/black head and ears…Oh and 4 little rectangles of grey icing for legs!


It’s been a whistle stop tour of this cake….


All About The Cake Case

I have just updated the “About” page for the The Cake Case blog! Take a look, or have a read below…..

The Cake Case is a small independently owned and run wedding and celebration cake business run by Debi Gibson. After years of making a large number of cakes for friends and family, from birthday to baby shower cakes, Debi decided it was time to start a business.

So in 2012 Debi started to develop ideas and techniques, and test them out on friends, family and anyone else who happened to say they liked cake. Thanks to this willing band of tasters and testers over the past 2 years, Debi has developed her own style of cake decorating and as of 2014 officially started The Cake Case as a registered business.

Debi makes large tiered cakes through to celebration cakes and cupcakes, each with it’s own distinctive style and special attention to detail.

Debi loves getting her inspiration for cakes from all kinds of sources, from books and pinterest (everyone loves pinterest!) to her favorite wedding blog, rock and roll bride, and is always looking at ways to experiment and create a new eye catching design.

Cakes should be as individual as you are!